Daryl Jamieson




plaintive belling

performed by Nobutaka Yoshizawa

My 2013 solo for 13-string koto in a studio recording by Nobutaka Yoshizawa. The score and a live (noisy) recording of the premiere can be seen on my sounds page. The CD can be purchased here.

Monkish Fires

À chacun sa miniature
31 miniatures by emerging Canadian composers
performed by Quatuor Bozzini

My specially-commissioned string quartet, Monkish Fires (2011), is performed by the Quatuor Bozzini. Details of the project and recording are here.
The CD can be purchased here, and mp3s (of my track, or all tracks) can be purchased from Amazon:

unanswered renga

mmm... hibari project
charity project to aid victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Reiko Manabe performs my flute solo unanswered renga. Available for one week online, in exchange for a donation in the amount of your choice. If there is a further release, it will be noted on the news page.