Daryl Jamieson


shakkei / 借景 (2015)
Genre / ジャンル
Duo / 二重奏
Instrumentation / 編成
Guitar, 17-string bass koto (13-string koto and kannel version also available)
ギター、17絃箏 (13絃、カンネルのため版もある)
Duration / 演奏時間
10 minutes / 10
Other information / 他の情報
Premièred 1 March 2015, Ausland, Berlin, by Dylan Lardelli and Miyama McQueen-Tokita
Score available for purchase (printed copy only) directly from DaVinci Editions or Amazon Italy (more Amazon stores coming soon).
For the koto and kannel version, please contact the composer.
Programme Note
shakkei is a term from Japanese gardening. It means ‘borrowed scenery’, and it describes the way that master gardeners use naturally occurring features – rivers, mountains, etc – to enhance their garden. By designing their garden to work in harmony with the surrounding environment, both the garden and the environment are enhanced. In this piece I treated the two instruments – koto and guitar, both 20th century versions of instruments millennia old – in a relationship akin to the garden and the mountain: their musical lines are independent to a certain extent, but they also complement each other and bring out a certain beauty that would not exist in each of the parts played on their own. The shakkei metaphor will also work another way: that of the immovable mountains of very different and very temporally distant traditions being used as a conceptual background to enhance the music I write today.

This piece was commissioned by Dylan Lardelli (guitar) and Miyama McQueen-Tokita (koto), and premiered by them in Berlin on 1 March 2015.