Daryl Jamieson


17 March 2017 - 'here, today' for clarinet quintet and recording devices to be premièred

My first piece for clarinet quintet (actually it’s for bass clarinet) and recording devices will be premièred on Friday 17 March 2017 at the Yodobashi Church in Ōkubo, as part of the 7th concert in the Shisō Jidai concert series. The performers will be Ryuta Iwase and the Lorie Quartet. It is also the first piece I’ve written incorporating recording devices on stage, perhaps the most primitive form of live electronics that can be conceived. It’s an experimental departure for me, and if you’re in Tokyo, I hope you can come hear it!

Doors open at 6pm and the concert starts at 6:30. Ticket details are printed in the poster below.

Programme note

Our perception of the world is increasingly indirect, filtered through the media of audio and video recordings, as well as photography. Which recordings or pictures we see or hear are also increasingly filtered through social media algorithms that few of us understand or even know exist at all. Instead of a shared reality, or even a shared unreality, we more and more have our own individual realities which we believe to be real but which are not recognised by anyone else. This situation has had, and will continue to have, obvious and disastrous effects on our body politic, which relies on a shared reality in which we can ground our collective decisions about society and the environment.
here, today is a piece about reproducing and sharing information about the environment. The string players share recordings of their local environment (made on the day of the performance), and most of the first half of the piece is recorded by the clarinetist and played back in the second half. The decisions of each performer and the composer, as well as the limitations of the recording and playback devices used, all affect what sounds are heard in the hall. Each performance will be different, and each listener in each performance will hear a subtly different piece. Are any of the myriad versions a true reflection of reality?
思想時代 vol.7