Daryl Jamieson


12 July - Nobutaka Yoshizawa performs 'Myself in the Disguise of an Ancient Goddess'

My 2008 setting of Mustuo Takahashi’s ‘Myself in the Disguise of an Ancient Goddess’ will be performed by Nobutaka Yoshizawa in an intimate solo koto recital in the picturesque ‘Gallery En’. Part of the international ‘One Day Festival’ taking place in small venues across South Korea, China, and Japan.

Full Programme

Eunkyung Park : Seeking, comprehending for 13-string koto solo (2013) 
Ian Dickson : Ballade for koto (2011) 
Daryl Jamieson / Mutsuo Takahashi (高橋 睦郎) (text) : Myself in the Disguise of an Ancient Goddess (古代女神に扮した私) (2008)
Misato Mochizuki (望月 ) : Intermezzi Ⅱ ~for koto solo~ (2002)
Ryōhei Hirose (廣瀨量平) : Yō for solo koto([よう] -箏独奏のための十段) (1972)

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