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Portrait Concert – May 2013

Convergences with poetry

19 May 2013, 2pm (doors open 1.30pm)
Tokyo National Museum, Kujokan tea house (entry from the West Gate only; you cannot enter through the main museum gate. see map below)
Nearest stations (by foot): Uguisudani (9 minutes), Ueno (12 minutes), Nezu (15 minutes)

Six pieces, all composed by Daryl Jamieson, all concerned with different approaches to and relationships with poetry.

on Love to be Endured for biwa solo (a setting of two waka — traditional Japanese 5-line poems — by Shokushi Naishinnō, probably my favourite of the mediaeval Japanese poets)
tú caerás conmigo for violin solo (one of three pieces I wrote in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, based on a Pablo Neruda love sonnet)
Dawn Prayers (2013 version) for voice, biwa (with voice), shakuhachi, and koto (a setting of seven waka from the anonymous mediaeval Buddhist tale A Lengthy Tale for an Autumn Night)
plaintive belling (new work) for koto solo (based on seven poems from Ogura Hyaku-nin Isshu100 poets, one poem each)
dancing phlogiston for shakuhachi solo (based on a haiku I wrote myself in English)
Yume Gatari (new work) for voice, shakuhachi, and violin (a setting of a poem written for me by Eiko Sadamatsu, the wonderful poet who wrote the texts for Spectral (for Kazuo Ohno) as well)

The performers are:
Mika Kimula, voice
Shungo Mise, violin
Junko Ueda, satsuma biwa
Christopher Yohmei Blasdel, shakuhachi
Nobutaka Yoshizawa, koto

Space is limited, so please reserve by emailing concert@daryljamieson.com.
Reserved tickets are ¥2500, tickets at the door will be ¥3000.

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Website Relaunched!

Welcome to DarylJamieson.com 2.0.

And so my new website is launched. Hopefully you find it more feature-rich, if not quite as moody as the previous black-and-blue iteration. This version now comes with full scores and recordings: see the media page!