Daryl Jamieson


Ten Scores now Published by Da Vinci Editions

I’m pleased to announce that Da Vinci Editions in Osaka has published ten of my scores, with more to come in the future.

The scores currently published by Da Vinci are:


(2016) 53’ Da Vinci
shō/u, va, vc

In Nomine

(2015) 8’ Da Vinci
shamisen and piano

is nowhere free of bad tidings?

(2017) 45’ Da Vinci
shakuhachi (A, C#, E, 1 player), 13-string koto, 17-string koto, satsuma biwa, japanese percussion
text: anonymous Latin, Saigyō, Minamoto Sanetomo, Kamo no Chōmei

parting song

arrangement of an ancient Chinese song (2014) 3’ Da Vinci
13-string koto

plaintive belling

(2013) 18’ Da Vinci
13-string koto (player sings)


(2015) 10’ Da Vinci
17-string koto, guitar

snow meditation

(2011) 5’ Da Vinci
vn, vc, pf

Songs of Love in Wintertime

(2003) 10’ Da Vinci
high voice, pf
text: Jamieson


(2017) 13’ Da Vinci
u (or shō or reed organ), piano

unanswered renga

(2011) 4’ Da Vinci