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2 June - Satoko Inoue's Music Documents 28

My next performed piece will be the Japanese premiere of my Fugue in A-flat, which I wrote in Iceland in March 2018. It will be performed by Satoko Inoue, who also gave the first and second performances in Montréal and Toronto earlier this month. The concert is at Ryogoku Monten Hall, on 2 June 2018, at 4pm (note the early start time).
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Hope to see you there!



Tour of Québec and Ontario – April-May 2018

From 30 April - 5 May 2018, I will be in Canada, touring Montréal, Québec, and Toronto with five Japanese musicians and Montréal’s Quatuor Bozzini. Satoko Inoue (piano) and Ko Ishikawa (shō), along with composers Yuka Shibuya, Toshiya Watanabe, and Takeo Hoshiya will spend the week in Canada, sharing music from – and influenced by – Japan over five concerts.

Three of my compositions will be performed. They are:

Stravaig (2017, CP) for shō and piano – performed by Ko Ishikawa and Satoko Inoue – 30 April in Montréal
Stravaig (2017) for shō and piano – performed by Ko Ishikawa and Satoko Inoue – 2 May in Québec
Fugue in A-flat (2018, WP) for piano – performed by Satoko Inoue – 3 May in Montréal
umoregi (if exposed...) (2014-6) for string quartet – performed by Quatuor Bozzini – 3 May in Montréal
Fugue in A-flat (2018) for piano – performed by Satoko Inoue – 4 May in Toronto

Please click on the dates above for move information about venues, times, and prices.

This tour is undertaken with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Japan Foundation.

Ten Scores now Published by Da Vinci Editions

I’m pleased to announce that Da Vinci Editions in Osaka has published ten of my scores, with more to come in the future.

The scores currently published by Da Vinci are:


(2016) 53’ Da Vinci
shō/u, va, vc

In Nomine

(2015) 8’ Da Vinci
shamisen and piano

is nowhere free of bad tidings?

(2017) 45’ Da Vinci
shakuhachi (A, C#, E, 1 player), 13-string koto, 17-string koto, satsuma biwa, japanese percussion
text: anonymous Latin, Saigyō, Minamoto Sanetomo, Kamo no Chōmei

parting song

arrangement of an ancient Chinese song (2014) 3’ Da Vinci
13-string koto

plaintive belling

(2013) 18’ Da Vinci
13-string koto (player sings)


(2015) 10’ Da Vinci
17-string koto, guitar

snow meditation

(2011) 5’ Da Vinci
vn, vc, pf

Songs of Love in Wintertime

(2003) 10’ Da Vinci
high voice, pf
text: Jamieson


(2017) 13’ Da Vinci
u (or shō or reed organ), piano

unanswered renga

(2011) 4’ Da Vinci

ArtsIceland Residency – Spring 2018

Toshi Ichiyanagi Contemporary Prize

On 23 January it was announced that Daryl Jamieson was the recipient of the 3rd annual Toshi Ichiyanagi Contemporary Prize, given to contemporary works – by composers, performers, or critics resident in Japan, irrespective of age or nationality – which enrich the field of new art music and advance the cause of a more creative and musical society. Ichiyanagi himself solely chooses the winning works.

The citation reads: ‘The third work in a trilogy begun in 2014, Is nowhere free of bad tidings? (2017) is based on a deep consideration of the flux of Japanese history. Taken together, the trilogy is an epic musical work of extraordinarily elegance and contemporary topical perspective.… The piece succeeds in theatrically expressing, by means of its original notational system, the transient spirit of various times and societies, rendering a picture of the world darkly tinged by the harshness of reality.’

Further information (in Japanese) can be found here.